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Jessica Mazzotta

Executive Assistant

Jessica Mazzotta is the Executive Assistant to CBC Co-Founders, Dr. Alec Miller and Dr. Lata McGinn. She works daily with Dr. Miller and manages his schedule and correspondence with clients, staff, trainees, and vendors. She liaises with clinical staff and administration to manage numerous administrative functions at CBC raging from helping onboard new staff as well as some quality improvement activities. She also assists in project management at CBC. One of the larger projects she has overseen was helping CBC's DBT Program become certified which required enormous work and dedication to the process. CBC is the first and only (to date) DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Program™ in New York State!

Prior to working at CBC, Jessica worked at several other locations in administrative roles, including as the assistant to the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Operations of the Westchester County Parks and Recreation Department as well as at the Willow Ridge Country Club in Harrison, NY.

Jessica truly enjoys her role here at CBC and is committed to our mission to provide excellent treatment to clients, top-tier training of therapists and school personnel in evidence-based interventions, and passionate advocacy for the advancement of mental health worldwide. She looks forward to continuing to grow professionally at CBC as she helps to advance our mission.