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What is DMDD?

Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD) is characterized by chronic, severe, and persistent irritability. This irritability can manifest as frequent temper tantrums that are usually in response to frustration and may be verbal or behavioral (e.g., aggression toward property, self, or others). Between tantrums, irritable or angry mood is present most of the time and is noticeable to others. Children with DMDD experience disruptions in their family and peer relationships, as well as in their school performance.

DMDD is diagnosed in children and adolescents, with rates that are higher among males and school-age children than females and adolescents. The overall 6-month to 1-year prevalence among children and adolescents is 2% to 5%. Young children who have had a temperament of chronic irritability may be more likely to develop DMDD later on in childhood. Youth with DMDD may have notable differences in how they process information, such as struggling with face-emotion labeling, decision making, and cognitive control.

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