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Parenting Issues

Parenting a child, adolescent, or young adult with emotional, behavioral, or learning difficulties presents many unique challenges. Usually, the parenting strategies that work for a child without these difficulties are not effective for children with diverse needs. Over time, cycles of negative interactions can develop, leaving both parents and children feeling frustrated. Parents might also feel uncertain about how to best support their child in reaching their goals related to school, work, independent living, and relationships. Parents may also struggle with validating their children, setting limits around things like money, bedtimes, and screen time, and regulating their own emotions while parenting.

Fortunately, specialized parenting help is available for parents of young children through young adults. CBC offers two main approaches to treat parenting issues: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and behavioral parent training.

  • PCIT is a highly effective and well-researched treatment for parents of children ages 2 to 8 with challenging behavior. During sessions, parents and children are seen together, and parents receive live coaching in using specialized skills to change their child's behavior in the moment. Coaching focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship, reducing misbehaviors, and increasing positive and prosocial behaviors.
  • For parents of children who are older, or for whom PCIT is not the best fit, behavioral parent training teaches parents skills to cope with and modify their child’s behavior. This treatment modality is based in learning theory, which emphasizes the antecedents and consequences of a problem behavior. Parents learn how to make effective commands and how to use the principles of reinforcement to increase the likelihood of desired behaviors. They also learn how to regulate their own emotions while parenting. For parents of young adults, behavioral parenting strategies are also effective. In addition, CBC offers a group for parents of young adults that focuses on teaching Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills and providing a supportive environment.


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