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The Staff Psychologist is responsible for delivering high quality evidence-based assessment and treatment and training as well as promoting high standards of evidence-based training and practice among trainees and staff. The incumbent is expected to perform direct clinical, training, supervision, and consultation duties in addition to administrative duties. They will serve as an ambassador for CBC in their communications and actions inside and outside of CBC.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct individual, family, parenting, and group sessions.
  • Provide direct CBT and/or DBT clinical services.
  • Provide agency or school consultations and conduct trainings.
  • Complete one (1) general hour of supervision per week as determined by the Director of Training and, if assigned, attend monthly supervisor meetings and complete tasks and duties related to supervision.
  • Represent CBC and its programs and outreach needs at meetings, trainings, presentations, and events internally and externally.
  • Build warm, effective working relationships with the CBC team including Co-Founders, clinicians, trainers, and administrators.
  • Attend and invite meetings with referral sources/professionals in the community to assist with outreach for clinical and training services and facilitate connection to program directors. Liaison with consumers and professional community to assist with outreach for clinical and training services.
  • Convey commitment to and confidence in the organization and its leadership, mission, and goals.
  • Serve as a role model for effective clinical care, clinical management, training, and consultation (e.g. recording cases, charting, minimizing billing errors etc.) of clients from all backgrounds including but not limited to different races, ages, cultures, genders, and orientations.
  • Assists with other duties and/or projects, as needed/assigned.

Minimum Requirements

PhD or PsyD in Clinical, Combined School-Clinical Psychology, School, or Counseling Psychology from an accredited program.

New York State License must be current and in good standing.


  • Competency in clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment is required. This involves didactic training and formally supervised clinical experience over at least a 3-year period with multiple clients in understanding, evaluating, diagnosing, and treating psychopathological disorders.
  • Competency in CBT is required. Competency involves didactic training in CBT as well as formally supervised clinical experience over at least a 2-year period with multiple clients in CBT is required.
  • Competency in DBT is strongly preferred. This involves didactic training in DBT as well as formally supervised clinical experience over at least a 1-year period with multiple clients in DBT.
  • Experience treating a range of disorders and ages.
  • Strong clinical skills and team orientation.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to build relationships with staff and other professionals.
  • Ability to act in accordance with CBC’s mission.
  • Ability to act in accordance with CBC values (kindness, cooperation, good work ethic, collaborative, openness to feedback, ability to be fallible, openness to and nonjudgmental acceptance of diverse viewpoints and individuals, ability to accept nuance and balance perspectives, respect for others, commitment to continuing education and professional development of self and others, contribute to the common good).

Salary Range

$100,000 - $150,000

The salary range and/or hourly rate listed is a good faith determination of potential base compensation that may be offered to a successful applicant for this position at the time of this job advertisement and may be modified in the future. When determining a team member's base salary and/or rate, several factors may be considered as applicable (e.g., location, specialty, service line, years of relevant experience, education, credentials, negotiated contracts, budget and internal equity).

How to Apply

To apply, please submit your Resume/CV to careers@cbc-psychology.com.