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Posted: 04.03.2020

New normal post

All wellness and clinical services continue to be available via telehealth for now, click here for details about CBC's services Treatment and Wellness

Virtual Executive Functioning Program

CBC has established a virtual program to help students maintain academic momentum during Covid-19. CBC’s virtual executive functioning program will support parents and children as they navigate online studies and anxiety during this challenging time.

    As many families struggle to develop a new routine, problems can arise from suddenly working from home, managing household responsibilities, and supporting children academically. CBC can now assist parents using virtual technology. As part of our tele-health executive functioning program, we are offering sessions targeted towards the following:

    • Developing an effective routine and daily structure
    • Understanding how to best support your child’s learning based on his/her learning style
    • Strategies for managing multiple responsibilities
    • Bolstering executive functioning skills, including planning, creating effective priorities and carrying them out, being organized, and managing time effectively
    • Overcoming procrastination
    • Coping with current stressors
    • Overcoming challenges with online learning

    Like all of CBC’s programs, our virtual executive functioning sessions incorporate evidence-based strategies. Sessions can be individual or group based.

    For more information about how CBC can help, please call 914-385-1150, Option 1 or email .

    Virtual Trainings for Mental Health Professionals

      This year we are offering our CBT & DBT Foundational trainings virtually as well as in person so those who cannot travel can still get the full benefit of the training.

      The Five Day CBT Foundational will take place JULY 6 -16 2021 and the Five Day DBT Foundational: Adolescent - Family Emphasis will take place AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 9, 2020. Discounts are available if you sign up for both Foundationals or if you sign up as a group. Early bird, student discounts, and discounts for attendees who have enrolled in a prior training at CBC are also available.

      For more information on either of the Foundational trainings, please click here Professional Trainings.

      Virtual Workshops for Businesses

        CBC offers a series of single workshops as well as a more extensive curriculum and coaching for companies who are interested in helping staff and management to manage their stress levels and become more effective, efficient, and productive at work or while working from home.

        We work to strengthen a company’s intangible assets. Teaching leadership training to management and building on employees skills adds to a culture of productivity and harmony that are integral to the success of any business, whether your team is working from the office or from their own home. Our workshops cover topics such as coping with the pandemic, stress and anxiety management, communication skills, time management, balancing the blurred boundaries of working from home with family life, as well as building optimism and resilience and more in order to enhance the overall well-being of management and employees and help them become more efficient and productive.

        Our Director of Consultation Services will assess your company’s needs and collaborate with Drs. McGinn and Miller to develop either a customized lecture or a more comprehensive curriculum to meet your goals. We cover a wide range of topics, geared to teach and implement evidence-based strategies that will be designed to enhance knowledge and performance.

        Please contact Dr. Alycia Dadd, Director of Consultation Services, at for more information.


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