Help your children resume academic momentum during Covid-19

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Posted: 03.27.2020

New virtual program will help parents & students with Executive Functioning while at home. Developing routines, establishing priorities, time management, coping with stress and overcoming challenges will be covered.

As we navigate this time of stress and uncertainty, we know many families are struggling to develop a new routine that works. If you find that you are having difficulty working from home, managing household responsibilities, and supporting your children academically, CBC can help. As part of our tele-health executive functioning program, we are offering sessions targeted towards the following:

  • Developing an effective routine and daily structure
  • Understanding how to best support your child’s learning based on his/her learning style
  • Strategies for managing multiple responsibilities
  • Bolstering executive functioning skills, including planning, creating effective priorities and carrying them out, being organized, and managing time effectively
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Coping with current stressors
  • Overcoming challenges with online learning

Like all of CBC’s programs, our virtual executive functioning sessions incorporate evidence-based strategies. Sessions are typically conducted on an individual basis but may also be conducted within a group. Parent sessions are also available to help parents learn skills they can use to guide and support their children. A 60 minute tele-health consultation session will first be scheduled to help identify needs and to develop an effective coaching plan. Following that, tele-health sessions will be scheduled for youth and/or parents based on identified needs.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Michelle Greenberg at or call 914-385-1150, Option 1.

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