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This article, published by Dr. Tali Wigod and co-authored by others on our research team including Joy Shen, Dr. Alec Miller and Dr. Lata McGinn examines why some families drop out of PCIT before completing the treatment.

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Drop-outs from PCIT are common across the world, which prevents these families from completing this life-saving evidence-based treatment. To understand the reasons why families drop out, former patients were interviewed using a semi-structured interview to explore their reasons for premature termination.Transcripts were coded by two independent coders, and then themes were identified to help understand this process.

The researchers found eight major themes of reasons given for premature termination, which were organized into three theoretical constructs: successes positive experiences in child-directed interaction (CDI) that no longer necessitated treatment difficulties, difficulties with treatment and the need for more clarity and orientation

Understanding the reasons why parents drop out of PCIT allows us to consider different treatment adaptations that could be made to help families stay in treatment to gain life saving benefits for their child and for their family life.

Read more: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.go...

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