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Become a Better Communicator and Improve Your Relationships

Interpersonal relationships are present in nearly all aspects of our lives. Whether at home or at work, we are constantly tasked with navigating relationships with our friends, colleagues, significant others, and family members. As such, these relationships can become significant sources of both pleasure and pain. Our moods, physical well being, and job satisfaction have all been shown to be influenced by how connected we feel to those around us. It is therefore important to reflect on how we create, maintain, and develop these relationships, in order to allow them to contribute to our long term goals and well being.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) seeks to contribute to this process by providing individuals with Interpersonal Effectiveness skills, which help us attend to relationships, weigh priorities versus demands, balance the ‘wants’ and ‘shoulds’ of relationships, and build a sense of mastery and self-respect. Treatment begins with a thorough assessment, which provides a framework through which the client can begin to understand their relationships, and identify more effective ways of relating to others. Treatment plans are highly individualized, and may include such components as assertiveness training (identifying when and how to be effectively assertive with others); social skills training (learning skills to increase performance and confidence in social situations); and cognitive restructuring (learning to identify and modify unhelpful thoughts related to others). Ongoing assessment allows the clinician and client to be in open communication about the effectiveness of these interventions, and adjust the focus and structure of treatment as necessary.


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