Managing Technology & Screen Addiction

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Managing Technology and Screen Addiction

While technology has made so many facets of our lives faster and easier, it can be extremely difficult to set limits around our technology and screen use. Many people, including children, teens, and adults, struggle with technology and screen addictions. Research has shown that technology and screen use stimulates the same dopamine reward system in the brain as other addictive behaviors, such as substance use and gambling.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) can be useful to help clients with technology and screen addictions. CBC clinicians work with clients with technology and screen addictions to target their cognitions and behaviors related to technology and screen use. More specifically, clients track their current thoughts about technology and screen use, e.g., “I need to check my email every 5 minutes or I will miss something important” and their technology and screen use behaviors, e.g., I keep my phone in my hand at all times. Clinicians can help test and restructure clients’ thoughts about technology and screen time use through behavioral experiments and cognitive restructuring. They can also change clients’ technology and screen time behaviors, e.g., by setting a period of time each day where the client is asked not to engage in any technology or screen use. In addition, specific apps can be used to help clients cut down on technology and screen use. Mindfulness can also be helpful to clients to help them tolerate their urges to use technology and screens.


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