Sleep Management

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Sleep Management

There is good reason that the human body spends much of its days in a state of sleep. It is a vital process through which our nervous, immune, and muscular systems are restored, thereby allowing the body and mind to function effectively. As such, sleep plays an integral role in our ability to fulfill our obligations at work or school, build and maintain meaningful relationships with others, and sustain a stable mood during these pursuits. Unfortunately, sleep is also a natural process that is easy to disturb, and difficult to correct. Many aspects of modern society, such as the proliferation of screens and increasingly long work hours, do not lend themselves to a consistent sleep schedule. Furthermore, many of the things we do to try to correct difficulties with sleep, such as nap during the day or try to “will ourselves” to sleep, actually exacerbate and maintain the problem.

Fortunately, research into the mechanisms of sleep and the ways it can be disrupted have identified a number of empirically supported strategies to address these difficulties. CBC clinicians work with clients to identify the specific elements contributing to their sleep difficulties, and create individualized treatment plans to address these factors. Suggested techniques include stimulus control (i.e. strategies to strengthen the bed as a cue for sleep), cognitive restructuring (i.e. identifying and learning how to respond to thought processes that may be interfering with sleep) and sleep restriction (i.e. developing and implementing a structured sleep schedule to regulate the body’s circadian rhythms). Research has shown that using these strategies to address sleep difficulties can not only improve our overall well being, but also address other mental health difficulties (e.g. depression, anxiety), thereby preventing the need for additional treatment.


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